Course dey goes to school airight, but deydon t make no good of it.I prefer living in town dan out here but my son bought dis spot.And we asked old missus what dat was, them pirties he had on his shoulders.Ed says his father, out of desperation, tried the suggested cure, and it worked, in a way zquaring with the modern medical theory of setting up a counter-irritant in certain cases. (C) Craddock s mother was owned by the family of Maririadukes, one of whom was an early-day governor o b Missouri. (C) Bibliography: (o) Ed Craddock, ranitor, Saline Cou.nty Court House, Marshall Missouri.I never will forget, I saw a real old darkey woman slave down on her knees praying to God for his help.I said, No, Mam, when he call me Marster Minksy then I call him Marster Tulle.A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves TYPEWRITTEN RECORDS. b oy her e Mar tha I. you belt to hold em.Now I m old and you will see, I m not as young as I used to be.They were both owned by one Tim Myers a wealthy and prominent planter of McMinville.

I think the time will soon be when people won t oe looked on as regards to whether you or black or white, but all on the sanie equality.I staid in Louisana till 1875 and got mad and left and went to Madison Parish, Louis iana.A splendid walnut tree towers over the smaller fruit trees, the house and the porch1while at the side of the house a garden spot contains a fine varie. sty of vegetables.You see there was slave traders in those days, jes like you got horse and mule an auto traders now.Louis 17 years and lives with my daughter Nancy McDonald, 2804 Dayton Street. (Written by Grace E. Thite, St. Louis, Mo.).Yes m dey thrashed me once, made me hug a tree and whip me, I had a terrible temper, I m part Choctaw Indian.

My papa never knew where ray mama went, an my mama never knew where papa went.

The story of his eqperienees as given to the interviewer is told as closely as possible in his own words which follow: I was too young to know what to expect from freedom.It would have been better on both races and dey would not have mixed up.I remember well I was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and dore was a speech made dere by General Forest on a Sunday.Back Sign Up Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.

If old miss got mad about something, just anything atali, she d have you whipped, when maybe you had not done a thing, just to satisfy her spite feeling.My master was Henry Walker and we live bout three mile from Jackson.I carried tu the water and wood to the Misais house and helped Ma. what time did you all get up in the morning.He is Ed Craddock, born a few years before the Civil War, the son of slaves owaed by leading pioneer familles. Cradd.ock lived through the hard days of reconstruction.

Bless your soul, daughter, he was a hard task master, yes he was.The old woman is well preserved for her years. (Written by Grace L White.).Father arranged for my education and by the terms of his will t was sent to Oberlin, Ohio, where I was reared by Delia Sheppard, in whose care I was placed.Isabelle was a mid-wife by profession after the war and tells this as one of her experiences.The living room where we talked is large, the floor Is covered with linoleum and a leather covered couch stands against the.Missouri Ex-Slave Story Page 2. old Abe Lincoln come through our town.Cubis 2 is a puzzle video game that was released in 2004 by FreshGames. In Cubis 2, the player shoots different colored cubes into cubes that are already placed on.When dey s a weeding missus always dressed em and fixed em up.

I can t tell you any pleasure I had in my early days honey, cause I didn t have none. if I had my studyin cap on, and hadn t just got over dis terrible sick spell, I could think of lots of things to tell you, but I can t now.La Hold'em Poker fiecare jucator primeste cate 2 carti cu fata in jos, apoi urmeaza runda de pariere. pentru ca in acest caz, asul tine loc de cea mai mica carte.I had an uncle Tohn and dey had to sell him cause dey could not do anything with him.

It is recorded that Sim s father was the Younger who operated a canoe ferry across the Missouri River from Randolph Bluffs, in 182L, to what is now Kansas City, then known as Chouteau s Landing. (E) My father died when I was five years old, and left mother a farm on which my brothers and sisters are still living.Every year we d kill seventy or seTenty-tive hogs- - and had plenty of every thing.My membership is In Prince of Peace Baptist Church now and bas been every since I been In St. Louis. God has been so good to nie, to let nie live all dese years.Some of dem after freedom didn t know how to go out and work for dernselves.

US Poker Open - Side Event - No Limit Hold'em Turbo. Find Other Poker Tournaments Nearby. Southern Nevada; Laughlin; Inland Empire; Los Angeles; Yuma and El Centro.My mother was only three years old when dey sold her mother to another master and she never saw her agin till she had all dein thirteen children.He got drunk one night and feLl off a rock and broke his hip.

The freine house which is their home, though small, Is cornfortable.

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Louis 11v08 at 915 O Fallon Street in the rear with her married daughters Susie West.Description + This fix implements the asymmetric version of the enhanced heat +exchange algorithm (Wirnsberger). The eHEX algorithm is +an extension of the heat.His wife ja an interesting person, but she remembers nothing of slave days.) (Viritten from F. G. in Sikeston District.).Yes, L~~oy, money does not go far these days, since the Yankees got everything No Sir, No Sir, ~Aarse,t and he rid on, leaving us behind in de d~ist.They turned us loose without a thing and we had to kinda pick ourselves up.