The two embodiments are similarly designed with the exception of the channel width W 1 of each embodiment.However, in various embodiments, the channel 3455 may be defined such that it extends through the sole portion 108 in a location other than the sole bar 135, and the channel 3455 may extend directly from the sole portion 108 into the cavity 120. FIG. 43G provides a rear side view of the golf club head 5000 without the damper 5050.In the current embodiments, the FBS features are channels 2150, 2550 that extend from a striking surface 2192, 2592 of the golf club head 2000, 2500, respectively, through an entire thickness of the striking face 2110, 2610.In various embodiments, the striking plate is formed integrally (such as by casting) with the head body.

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As can be seen for all embodiments referenced in Table 10, COR at 15 mm toeward location never falls below 0.752 for all embodiments.The two embodiments are similarly designed with the exception of the channel depth H 1 of each embodiment.An improved design for the hosel and head of golf clubs, including putters, which is primarily characterized by a compound curved hosel that attaches to the club head.In the current embodiment, the nearest point 2759 is above the ideal strike location 101 by a distance of 8 mm.We booked it from 3pm to midnight: best time slot,. Isabel de la Cruz · 22 août 2017. The day couldn't have gone any better and it was the perfect loc.

An embodiment of a golf club head 2700 is shown with reference to FIG. 27A. The golf club head 2700 includes a channel 2750.In various embodiments, the first channel has an average depth in the central region that is less than an average depth of the first channel in the heel side region.

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The slot 1950 defines a passage through the sole 1908 into the recess 1934 at the back portion of the club head 1900.As can be seen, COR performance for most locations was about the same, although some performance gains were seen with heelward strike COR having about the same COR as center strike COR.In the embodiment shown in FIG. 11G, a club head 1100 includes a single, continuous, straight slot 1150 that extends over a substantial portion of the length of the sole 1108, extending generally from the heel portion 1102 to the toe portion 1104.The cross-section lines 1 C, 1 D- 1 C, 1 D are taken through the ideal striking location 101 on the striking face 110.In addition, in some embodiments, the channel depth profile may be non-linear as it progresses from the center of the channel to the ends of the channel.In addition, golf club heads having channels were constructed to determine the effect of incorporating a channel into the perimeter regions of the club heads.

The sole includes a sole bar 135 having a channel 150 defined by a forward wall 152 and rear wall 154.The principle alloying element is nickel (15% to nearly 30%).A second wall thickness, T 2, is a measure of the thickness of the second hinge region 262.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The features and components of the following figures are illustrated to emphasize the general principles of the present disclosure.In some embodiments, the volume of the hollow iron club head 100 may be between about 10 cubic centimeters (cc) and about 120 cc.D565685 Golf club head April, 2008 Homma D560263 Grooved golf putter January, 2008 Rubino D554215 Rear cavity and sole plate of an iron type golf club head October, 2007 Ruggiero et al.In an alternative embodiment, shown in FIG. 9, a club head 900 includes a channel 950 having a forward channel wall 952, rear channel wall 954, and upper channel wall 956.

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Each of the heel relief portion 1186 and toe relief portion 1187 comprises a widened region of the slot 1150, i.e., the slot widths W 1 of the slot 1150 in the regions of the heel relief portion 1186 and toe relief portion 1187 are larger than the width W 1 of the slot in the main portion 1180.

In the embodiments shown, the forward wall 1752 includes three cutouts or windows 1794 that are generally equally spaced along the heel-to-toe length of the forward wall 1752.As seem with reference to FIG. 35B, a top line wrap point 3569 indicates the point on the top line portion 106 analogous to the sole side wrap point 3568.With the golf club head 100 in the normal address position, the CG x-axis 105 is parallel to the ground plane 111 and is oriented perpendicular to a normal extending from the striking face 110 at the ideal striking location 101.Still another aspect of the size, shape, and orientation of the club head 200 and channel 250 is the channel to rear distance, D 2.In some additional embodiments, the first channel depth is substantially constant within the central region.HTCGOLF: De La Cruz SWEET SLOT Putter Dela Cruz seat slot blade b-1 putter (trivalent) - Purchase now to accumulate reedemable points! | Rakuten Global Market.Various relief features may be utilized to provide durability and performance of the various flexible boundary Melissa De La Cruz. Midnight is the sweet, uncertain boy caught between them. Wink. Poppy. Midnight. Two girls. U32 Library Commons.

In the current embodiment, the plurality of channels 3550 extends through the striking face proximate the heel portion 102.In the embodiment, the flexible boundary structure is a channel 250 that is located on the sole of the club head.The following description and drawings are illustrative and are not to be construed as limiting on the scope of the disclosure.In other, alternative embodiments, a flexible boundary structure may be included on other portions of the club head.In general, a large radius 3258 prevents stress concentrations more effectively than a small radius 3258.Typically, the average gapping distance from club to club in a set of irons for an average player is about 8-10 yards.As such, the particular embodiment of golf club head 200 shown may not be dampened effectively.A first wall thickness, T 1, is a measure of the thickness of the first hinge region 260.

In addition, the depth, Hc, of the channel at the center of the channel is a maximum depth over the full-length of the channel.For clarity, however, the descriptions herein will be limited to embodiments containing a channel, such as the channel 250 illustrated in FIGS. 2A-C, or a slot, included in several embodiments described below, with it being understood that other flexible boundary structures may be used to achieve the benefits described herein.The second club head included a straight, continuous channel located in the sole of the club head, and having the following parameters set forth in Table 8: TABLE 8 Face to channel distance (D1) 8.7 mm Club head depth (DCH) 27.9 mm.

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In various embodiments, the end points 2754, 2756 may be arranged such that they are not about equidistant from the grooves 112.The trailing edge projection point 246 is the intersection with the ground plane 211 of an imaginary vertical line passing through the trailing edge 245 of the club head 200.For example, in the embodiments shown in FIGS. 11I and 11J, it is advantageous to incorporate rounded corners and edges in the heel and toe relief portions, where stress may be concentrated.In the case of a volume measurement of a hollow iron type club head, any holes or openings in the walls of the club head are to be covered or otherwise sealed prior to lowering the club head into the water.As such, the variance in design parameters can greatly alter the appearance and shape of the channel 2150.

Still further, in various embodiments, the first channel has an average depth in the central region that is less than an average depth of the first channel in the toe side region and that is less than an average depth of the first channel in the heel side region.A golf club head 2800 is seen with reference to FIGS. 28A-28B. The golf club head 2800 includes an FBS feature that is a score line 2850 defined in a rear surface 110 b of the face 110.A forward portion 144 of the sole is located between the striking face 110 and the forward wall 152 of the slot.As can be seen from the view of FIG. 42, the rear surface 110 b of the striking face 110 is accessible, and a damper or badge may be adhesively secured or otherwise mechanically attached or connected to the rear surface 110 b of the striking face 110.As can be seen with specific reference to FIG. 43E, the sole channel 3455 is defined through an entirety of the sole bar 135.

The second channel 1551 is located immediately rearward of (i.e., away from the striking face 1510 from) the first channel 1550, and is defined by the first channel rear wall 1554, a second channel rear wall 1555, and a second channel lower wall 1557.As can be seen, the first end portion 2154 and the second end portion 2156 provide a terminus of the channel 2150 that is disposed distal to the intended ideal strike location 101.The two embodiments are similarly designed with the exception of the orientation of the channel 750 and the resultant variation in the thickness, T 1, of the first hinge region of each embodiment.In varying the features of the channel 2150, performance of the channel 2150 as a FBS feature changes.It should be noted that, as described above, the flexible boundary structure may comprise a slot, a channel, a gap, a thinned or weakened region, or other structure.In some embodiments, the golf club head 100 can be a single unitary cast piece, while in other embodiments, a striking plate can be formed separately to be adhesively or mechanically attached to the body 113 of the golf club head 100. FIGS. 1A and 1B also show an ideal striking location 101 on the striking face 110 and respective orthogonal CG axes.Wikipedia:WikiProject Red Link Recovery/Exceptions Overview. The list below contains automatic suggestions for red link fixes that project members have decided are.

In various embodiments, a filler material is located in more than one channel.Hot Sticks ’09. The hottest new golf. De la Cruz putters The new De La Cruz Golf Designs putters. feature an innovative "sweet slot" behind the putterface.The flexing of the first hinge region 260 and second hinge region 262, in turn, creates additional deflection of the striking face 210.

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In another embodiment, a maraging stainless steel C455 is utilized as the striking plate.